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How do you offer your CLA?

With the CLA app, employers and (future) employees have the employment conditions at their fingertips at all times. Texts are highly searchable, so users can always easily and quickly find what they’re looking for.

Accessible employment conditions

The CLA is the foundation for the agreements between employer and employee. When it is known that a negotiators’ agreement has been reached, many people look forward to the new texts. Moreover, you naturally want the new collective labor agreement to be easy to find and searchable, accessible to everyone. In a PDF or booklet, it’s difficult to search and keep up-to-date.

And how do you ensure that employees can understand and apply the texts to their own situation?

The CLA app helps employers and (future) employees! Formatted in your own corporate identity, the app is easily recognizable and can be found in the app stores. In this way, employment terms are always at your fingertips; all information is quickly accessible with a push of a button.

In the employment agreement, there are active references to other articles, making it easy to navigate through the entire text.

The app is also digitally accessible. This means that you can adjust the text size, all texts and other content in the app can be read aloud, and the app works perfectly on all types of smartphones and tablets. Furthermore, the CLA texts are also available offline.

Many (sector) organizations now use the CLA app to provide access to the employment terms and conditions. Read here an inspiring example of the CLA app by Orsima.

CLA information is easily accessible through the app

The CLA app helps in finding information in the CLA articles. Users can also search for synonyms and across various documents (such as regulations, job classifications, and social plans). When additional information or explanations for an article are available, users have immediate access to them.

How does this work in practice? The CLA app for Working in Sports, for example, utilizes various search and communication capabilities; you can read about their experiences here.

Frequently, people search for information about salary and leave. These articles can be highlighted in the app for greater user convenience. In the app, users can also highlight text, add bookmarks, and email articles. This makes it your own CLA document.

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Fewer questions for HR and the helpdesk

In addition to extensive search capabilities, the CLA app offers useful extras that assist employers and employees in applying the CLA. Frequently asked questions, calculation tools, a guide, and news updates are examples of features in the app that make information readily accessible with a click of a button. This allows employers, employees, and members of trade associations to always have up-to-date employment conditions and CLA information at their fingertips with the app. That saves a lot of questions for the management, HR, and helpdesk.

Easy to maintain

All content of the app is easy to maintain. Are there any changes in the CLA text, regulations, or CLA-related information? The changes are easily made and available to app users in no time via the app Dashboard. The Dashboard also provides comprehensive insights into how the app is being used.

The CLA app is helpful!

Through the CLA app, you provide labor conditions in an accessible and user-friendly manner. Moreover, you have a modern communication tool with great user-friendliness, both for users and the app owner. Employees can easily look up all CLA-related information. And this information can be kept up-to-date quickly and easily through the Dashboard. Don’t have the capacity to maintain the content of the app yourself? Yaacomm is happy to provide you with support and assistance in maintaining the content of the app.

Would you like to learn more about the CLA app and the possibilities it can offer? Please feel free to contact us; we’d love to hear how we can assist you!