✓ Your information is accessible, well-organized, and easily searchable

     ✓ Always at hand for your employees, anytime and anywhere

     ✓ A powerful communication tool

Whether it’s about the collective labor agreement, employment conditions regulations, the occupational health and safety catalog, or the professional code, with an app, you have a modern and highly maintainable tool for accessing texts. With many convenient extras to further support and facilitate employees and/or members.

Any other desires to assist your employees or members in their work? We are happy to brainstorm with you to explore what we can do for you with our apps.

CLA app

The tool for unlocking and providing easy access to your employment conditions.

Industry-specific app

Add value to your members and communicate quickly and easily with the industry app.


Information on safe and healthy working, always at your fingertips with the ARBO app.

Professional code

Employees may face dilemmas while carrying out their work. Guidelines on how to act are often found in the professional code. With the app, this information is readily available and easily searchable.

Custom built apps

Do you have any other wishes? Feel free to take a look at the tools and components we have already developed, for example, in the field of sustainable employability and communication. We always develop our apps comprehensively in accordance with the organization’s preferences.