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Custom built apps

Questions about sustainable employability? We develop apps that support employees in companies/industries in their sustainable employability. Our tools and apps help them to work healthier and more consciously.

Examples of apps developed by us include the Goedenachtapp for night shift workers, the Wassteel-app for window cleaners, and the Goed Gesprek app for supporting (annual) discussions between employers and employees.

Voordelen van een app

Advantages of a custom app

The app supports the healthier and more conscious execution of tasks. Often, it’s nice to be reminded or to break the routine just a bit. Useful tools in collaboration, conversation, and awareness aid employees and managers in their work and evaluation processes.

      ✓ Our expertise in HR and ICT integrated into the app

      ✓ The app is available for download in the stores under your own name

      ✓ Control your app with your own Dashboard

A custom app in your own corporate identity

This way, your employees/members will feel right at home

Afbeelding van drie telefoons met de Wassteel app, Goedenacht StAZ app en Cao Huisartsenzorg app

Customer testimonials about a custom app

Interested in tools for a custom app?

Curious about the possibilities of an app for sustainable employability? Feel free to contact us for a no-obligation demo or advice. We are happy to think along with you.