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CLA app

The collective labor agreement app is a contemporary way to inform employees or industry members about their employment terms. Collective labor agreement information is easy to find with the app, highly searchable, and always up-to-date. The collective labor agreement and other relevant information are always at your fingertips. With the app, you have a modern communication tool at your disposal!

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Benefits of a CLA app

The app offers extensive opportunities to inform employees/members about and involve them in their employment terms.

  • Information is always up-to-date
  • You present yourself as a modern employer
  • You stand out in a tight labor market
  • Users of the app get answers to their questions faster and more easily
  • You don’t have to answer as many collective labor agreement-related questions
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Provide added value and receive fewer questions

Information about the collective labor agreement is often difficult to find and understand. Also, not everyone always has access to a laptop/PC. However, almost everyone carries a smartphone with them. The app makes full use of the capabilities of mobile devices. With additional tools, information, and interaction, employees can work on their employment terms themselves. You provide added value to your members and help your employees. And it reduces questions to HR and managers.

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Easy to manage and extensively monitorable

With the included Dashboard, you can see how the app is being used and keep information up-to-date. Manage the content of the app yourself; changes are immediately visible to users. No options to manage the app yourself? We are happy to take care of it for you!

A CLA app in your own corporate identity

This way, your employees/members will feel right at home

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Customer testimonials about the CLA app

Communicate with your employees/members

How do you quickly inform your employees about developments and changes? With push notifications, you have an easy and direct access to the users of the app. Contemporary communication with the CLA app!

Interested in a CLA app?

Curious about the possibilities of a CLA app? Feel free to contact us for a no-obligation demo or advice. We are happy to think along with you.