More and more companies are finding their way to the collective labor agreement (CLA) app. The CLA app provides peace of mind. The CLA app is a solution to easily inform and engage your employees in their employment terms. All relevant documents are made accessible through the app, such as company regulations, employee handbook, or the occupational health and safety catalog.

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Modern employment practices

With the app, you position yourself as a good, modern employer. Your employees can take matters into their own hands when it comes to applying their employment terms. The app can also be used offline. Quite convenient, isn’t it?

The app also assists in recruiting your employees. Prospective employees can also easily find your employment terms.

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The smart platform for your collective labor agreement (CLA)

Employment terms are not only presented in a clear and accessible manner but updating regulations is also easy and quick. This way, your employees always have their collective labor agreement up-to-date in their pocket.

With messages and push notifications, you have direct access to your users and inform them in a contemporary and swift manner.

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Fewer inquiries to HR and supervisors

With the CLA app, you can communicate efficiently and effectively with your employees.

With the comprehensive search function, they can easily browse through their applicable employment terms and search for specific information. Employees can also use the calculators provided to make calculations on their own.

The number of inquiries regarding employment terms to your HR department and supervisors decreases.

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App in practice

“We believe the app fits well into the overall modernization and digitization of information. Now that everyone has a smartphone and/or tablet, all information is always at hand. The app also includes several tools, such as the calculation of the retirement age and a calendar with important dates and events throughout the year. In addition, the app also has links to useful websites.

Furthermore, there is a section with frequently asked questions (FAQs). As an organization, we can easily update those if we see there is a need for it.

And if there is a change in the content of the employment terms? Then we can easily make those adjustments ourselves through the dashboard. We update the information, and the new version is immediately available.”

Alice Jansen, Human Resources Specialist in Labor Affairs at LVNL

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