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Have you ever considered presenting communication about employment terms or the industry in a different format? In a way that reaches members more effectively and presents information in a concise manner? With an industry-specific app or collective labor agreement app, you provide excellent service to your members.

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Contemporary, concise, and user-friendly

All relevant information, such as the collective labor agreement, regulations, or occupational health and safety catalog, becomes more accessible in an app. It’s a modern way to communicate with your members.

With your app in your pocket, you stay connected to your members

Your (news) messages reach your members quickly and easily. The app can also be used offline.

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Providing excellent service to your members

The app offers useful (calculation) tools, regulations are always up-to-date, and there is an extensive search function. This way, your members have all the information quickly and conveniently at their fingertips.

You also provide the latest news through the app smoothly and in a pleasant manner. Of course, you can easily update the content of the app yourself.

With the chat function, you provide an additional service; members can easily get in touch with your member service.

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Improved reach

The app helps you to increase contact with your members. Furthermore, there is no longer a need to have email addresses. Members will experience the convenience of quick access to information.

What do your members think about a specific topic? Ask through the app: your members can easily provide answers in a user-friendly manner.

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App in practice

“Yaacomm developed an app for us that not only makes the collective labor agreement easily accessible but also provides answers to frequently asked questions. Now that almost everyone has a mobile phone or tablet, collective labor agreement information is available anytime and anywhere. And when new collective labor agreement agreements are made, the new version is immediately visible in the app, ensuring that the provided information is always up-to-date. This way, our industry keeps up with the times of digitalization, offering information in a modern, easy, and concise manner. We consider it a good service for our members.

For the use of some functionalities, our members can log in with their user credentials from the member management system, such as accessing frequently asked questions and calculating leave days. Through the app, this is a quick and easy calculation. The members of the industry find these additional features very useful and use them intensively.”

Kantinka Boekhorst, Manager of Products and Services at Royal ANKO (Hairdressing Industry)

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