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New CLA agreements for Orsima

In the autumn of 2022, new CLA agreements were made for Orsima companies, which have recently been incorporated into an app. Employees working in the industrial cleaning and services sector can easily find the CLA in the ‘Orsima on the Go’ app, which can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play Store. “For us, this is a great opportunity to inform employees about the app and why it’s so convenient for them as employees”, said Debby van Son, communication advisor at Orsima. Not only the new CLA texts are important but also the supporting tools like the occupational health and safety catalog, a quick scan, or tips. The ‘join in’ functionality encourages interaction. The app is also a means to inform employees more about how they can work on their own development and health.

As an employee, you have all the information and agreements about the CLA “in your pocket,” so to speak. In addition to the text, you can also find the most frequently asked questions in the app. With push notifications and alerts, you stay informed immediately, such as about new wage tables. Debby: “It has become a very clear app for this target group. You can quickly find out how agreements in the CLA are arranged, and you always have it at hand. Unlike the old CLA booklet, which often ended up in the kitchen drawer”.

In the coming weeks, employers in industrial cleaning will receive flyers to hang up about the new CLA texts and will be encouraged to highlight the benefits the app offers to employees. Orsima is launching a campaign through newsletters and social media channels.

In the coming period, Orsima is focusing on the theme of physical strain and how employees can work on it. Additionally, this year, the focus will shift to substantive themes that will inform the target audience through the app.

Debby van Son about the app and Yaacomm: The app is really recommended for Social Funds. It offers a lot of benefits for employees, and in the past, there were the CLA booklets, which were not very sustainable and up to date. Colleague funds were already familiar with Yaacomm and had a nicely visible product with it, and in the relationship, Yaacomm is a pleasant party to work with.

The Orsima app can be downloaded from the app stores.

Foto van Debby van Son

Thanks to Debby van Son, Communication Advisor at Orsima, for the interview