Photo of employees from Samen Preseteren en Yaacomm

Further development of the Working in Sports CLA App

Employers in Sports (WOS) have taken new steps in the further development of their CLA App. In 2018, they started offering the CLA through an app for everyone connected to the CLA Sport, with a primary focus on employees. “A good moment for modernization and at the same time a way for employees to easily and accessibly find information and get involved in the new CLA developments,” says Berend Keehnen. Berend studied Sports Management and Communication Science and combines his passion for sports and communication in his role as a communication advisor at WOS. “The app allows for interaction with employees, with feedback being taken into account in the new CLA negotiations.”

In December, WOS launched the CLA App with a new look and feel, incorporating new features. Berend says: “We see the added value of the app and continue to develop it continuously.” WOS uses the new search function with synonyms throughout the app. When you type in salary, you will also find everything related to wages, or when you type in moving, you will immediately find the article on the relocation cost scheme. “In addition, Yaacomm introduced a functionality where user characteristics are retrieved when the app is opened. It’s important for us to know who our users are so that we can offer content as specifically as possible.”

Good employership

The CLA Sport applies to 3,500 people working in sports. The CLA determines how flexible it is to work in sports and provides a pleasant picture of the sector. The app helps provide employees with insight into a good CLA and engages them in the CLA. Push notifications also play a role in this, from asking questions to referring to a did-you-know, highlighting something from the CLA.

Foto van Berend Keehnen

Berend, do you have any advice for employers’ associations? “We have about 90 members ourselves, which are the sports organizations and associations with 3500 people working in sports. I recommend all employers’ associations to make use of the app’s possibilities and explore its added value. Create a co-creation. Call Yaacomm to brainstorm with them, they build CLA apps with passion and expertise.”

The WOS intends to continue growing with the app. Both in terms of the number of users and in terms of ensuring the quality, the content provided, and the rollout of features. Yaacomm assists in this further development, they are happy to brainstorm and then implement the features in the app.

“De Werken in de Sport app is geïnitieerd door onze sociale partners: FNV, CNV Vakmensen, de Unie en wijzelf (WOS) and can be downloaded in the app stores.”

With thanks to Berend Keehnen, Communication Advisor at Employers in Sport (WOS), for the interview.