The occupational health and safety catalog in an app

Do you work in healthcare, on the roads, in landscaping, or spend a lot of time behind a screen? Are you wondering how to safely handle a particular situation? Or how to best set up your workspace? In many organizations and industries, information is available with tips, requirements, and checklists to enable healthy and safe working conditions. Often, this is also in the form of an Occupational Health and Safety Catalog.

To make this occupational health information available anytime and anywhere in an accessible manner, we have developed handy tools that are available to employees through an app or via a web plug-in. With an app, you can provide tailored information to your employees, suitable for their work, and keep them informed in a modern way.

Afbeelding van drie telefoons met de Gezond Werken provincies app

An occupational health app for the Provincial sector

For employees in the Provincial sector, we have developed the ‘Healthy and Safe Working’ app (‘Gezond en veilig werken’ app), commissioned by the Provincial Authorities & Organizations Fund (A&O-fonds Provincies). For each topic (such as posture, work environment, and workload), there are concrete tips, videos, and checklists. And based on profile information, you see topics that are relevant to you, tailored to your tasks.

How does the app work? This short introductory video shows how the app assists employees in the Provincial sector with questions and information about occupational health and safety matters.

More information about this app can be found on the website of the A&O-fonds Provincies.

The app is available for free download in the Apple App Store and Play Store.

Comprehensive information about tools in the field of occupational health and sustainable employability can be found on our website.