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Tools for sustainable employability in an app or website

How can I spend my balance budget? How does the Generation Policy scheme affect me? How many extra senior days do I accrue?

Assistance with regulations

Regulations in the field of sustainable employability often raise many questions. What does the regulation mean for my personal situation, and as an employee, do I have the right to use the regulation? Information and/or tools are not always easy to find or use. Organizations (especially with new and/or complex regulations) spend a lot of time informing and assisting employees with their queries.

To support employees and employers, we have developed useful tools in the field of sustainable employability.

Practical examples

For example, for the Metal Sector, we have developed the tools Generational Pact and Senior Days. Employees can now calculate in the CLA app what a choice in the scheme means for their net income and holiday pay, with a clear graph and the option to email the results.

The CLA Hospitals (CAO Ziekenhuizen) also offers older employees the opportunity to work less to reach retirement age healthily through the Generational Policy scheme. Employees who are five years away from the retirement age can make use of this scheme. Participation affects income and pension accrual. In the CAO Ziekenhuizen app, employees can calculate the implications for their own situation.

In the CLA Mental Health Care (CAO GGZ), the Balance Budget is established, allowing employees to choose how to spend this budget: education, extra free time, or payout. To calculate the implications of the choice in time or money, a Balance Budget calculator has been developed. This tool is now available in the CAO GGZ app. Here too, user convenience is a priority; information is presented succinctly and clearly; after entering personal information, the calculation is immediately visible.

Calculation tools in an app or on your own website

In addition to an app, we can also offer calculation tools to our customers via a web widget. With a plug-in, the calculation tool can be placed on a page on your own website. Thus, the aforementioned Balance Budget tool is not only available in the app but also on the OofGGZ website.. When the tool is placed in both the app and the website, the major advantage is that any changes are immediately visible in both the app and the website. No more duplicate work!