Image of a phone with the Cao Recreatie app

XYZ: useful explanation of the Cao Recreatie

The Cao Recreatie includes all agreements with employers regarding wages, working hours, holidays, public holidays, and training. It can be challenging to determine from the Cla texts what exactly it means for you as an employee. What are your rights and responsibilities? In the Cao Recreatie app, a useful XYZ has now been included.

The XYZ booklet is an explanation of the Cla Recreatie for the year 2019-2020. By subject (in alphabetical order), employees can read what the agreements in the collective labor agreement (cao) mean in practice. For example, you can read how leave accrual works and how working according to duty rosters functions. Additionally, in the XYZ, you can quickly navigate to other relevant topics or to the associated cla texts.

This way, all information about the employment conditions is neatly organized in one place. A useful addition to the Cao Recreatie app!