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Making it easier to use, understand, and apply the CLA

"In the CLA app, we can include additional explanations and interpretations of articles, making it easier for members to use, understand, and apply the CLA."

Melanie Klerx, Communications Advisor at Schoonmakend Nederland, shares about the development and use of the  CLA app that Schoonmakend Nederland had developed.

From printed information to digital information only

“After each newly negotiated CLA, we create a booklet that includes the printed CLA. This booklet must be provided by all employers to their employees. In practice, people often don’t have the booklet with them during location visits, so employers and employees don’t have the information at hand when there are questions about the CLA. Some time ago, a participant in the CLA negotiation team suggested that we contact Yaacomm, who already had a lot of experience in developing CLA apps. Yaacomm immediately had an example of a CLA app, which gave us a good impression of the possibilities of such an app, and then the decision to have one developed for our industry was quickly made.”

The CLA always at hand for everyone with additional explanations

“With the CLA app, the information is always available and accessible to everyone. Moreover, the app allows for additional explanations and interpretations of articles to be included, making it easier for members to use, understand, and apply the CLA. The texts also contain links to websites and additional explanations for further in-depth understanding of the topics. This enrichment of information is a significant added value.”

Tools, news, and polls

“The app also includes a Tools module that allows members to make various calculations and a News module that we use very actively to share important news with members and employees.

Through the Think Along/Polls module, we can ask our members for ideas and tips or gauge members’ opinions on certain plans.”

Chat function

“Furthermore, there is a chat function on the home page of the app. Through this chat, members can ask questions to the helpdesk, which provides answers through the chat as well. As a result, the pressure of phone calls to the helpdesk has decreased, and members can choose the way they want to contact us.

Some information in the app, such as the explanation of CLA texts, is only accessible to members of Schoonmakend Nederland. They can easily log in using their business email address for that purpose.”

Web version of the app

“Schoonmakend Nederland also has a web version of the app. When the new CLA is introduced soon, we want to make it a part of our website. This way, maintaining the additional information will be easier. We will only need to enter it in one place.”

Push notifications and alert banners

“With the app, we can also use push notifications and alert banners. We plan to use them actively soon so that the most important information reaches our members directly on their mobile or is immediately visible when they open the app.”


“We use the app’s dashboard very intensively. Of course, for managing member access to the app, but also for posting news articles and for viewing and interpreting the analytics. This way, we can see how the app is being used, which messages are read the most, and we can decide to bring certain topics to the forefront.”

Wassteel app

“A particularly unique project was the development of the Wassteel app. The rules for using a water-fed pole for window cleaning recently changed and became subject to strict regulations. The Labor Inspectorate conducts random checks to ensure window cleaners comply with these regulations. Therefore, there was a need to simplify time tracking for the use of the water-fed pole through an app. Yaacomm developed a custom app for this purpose, making it possible.”

Highly recommended

“Of course, developing a CLA app is an initial investment, but it brings a lot of benefits to your industry. I would recommend any other industry to have a CLA app developed by Yaacomm. Yaacomm is a great company to work with. They think carefully about finding (technical) solutions, clearly communicate the possibilities and limitations, keep to their agreements, are easily reachable for questions, and deliver a good product.

In short, we are very happy with the two apps developed for our industry.”