Modern communication about employment conditions in the hairdressing industry

Afbeelding van een telefoon met de ANKO Ondernemers app

“With the CLA app, we keep up with the times and provide our members with concise and accessible information.”

Katinka Boekhorst, Manager Products and Services at Koninklijke ANKO (Hairdressing Industry), explains how ANKO had a CLA app developed for the Hairdressing Industry.

The CLA app

“The ANKO wanted to offer the CLA (Collective Labor Agreement) to its members in an easy and compact manner. Members were asking for an easy and modern way to have the CLA at hand and to use it. We got in touch with Yaacomm through AWVN. They have a lot of experience in developing CLA apps, and the contact was immediately very pleasant.

Yaacomm developed a CLA app for us, making the CLA not only easily accessible but also providing answers to frequently asked questions. Now that almost everyone has a mobile phone or tablet, CLA information is always available anytime, anywhere. And when new CLA agreements are made, the new version is immediately visible in the app, ensuring that the provided information is always up to date. This way, our industry keeps up with the times of digitalization, offering information in a modern, easy, and concise manner. We consider it a good service for our members.

For the use of some functionalities, our members can log in with their user data from the membership administration system, such as consulting frequently asked questions and calculating  leave days. Through the app, this is a quick and easy calculation. The job classification of a hairdresser can also be easily determined through a series of questions. Branch members find these additional features very useful and they are often used, sometimes with our assistance. We show the members exactly where this is in the app and how they can do it themselves in the future.”

Keeping members informed

“Furthermore, you can display important industry announcements through banner messages in the app, so members see this information right on their screens as soon as they open the app. That’s extremely useful for keeping all members informed about significant developments.”

Useful information through the dashboard

“As an industry, we gain good insights into the topics that are searched for the most through the dashboard. We can then highlight those topics more in our newsletter. It’s also interesting to get insights into the path members have already taken when they come to us with a question via the app. We can see exactly what they have already searched for. That gives us valuable insights. In the future, we may want to do more with that information to further optimize certain processes.”

Future of the CLA app for ANKO

“We are aware that the app offers even more possibilities than we currently use, such as a ‘community’ module that allows members to communicate with each other. We may expand the app in the future. For now, we are very happy with what we have.”

Highly recommended

“The app development process went very smoothly. The owners, Jeannette Mast and Shaun O’Riordan, are pleasant to work with and clearly communicate what they can do for you, how they will do it, and the timeline. They explain all the possibilities and keep their commitments. The costs are transparent, and Yaacomm is easily reachable.

We are happy with the result, which is modern service to our members, making our collective labor agreement compact and easily accessible. An absolute recommendation for other industries!”