In the top 100 with your CLA app!

Our informative apps have undergone significant development over the years. Over 10 years ago, we rolled out the first collective bargaining agreement app. A useful app where users can find information about their employment conditions. Since then, we have custom-built numerous informative apps for industries and organizations, such as Professional Code apps and sector-specific apps.

With the app, as an industry/organization, you also have an incredibly powerful communication tool at your disposal. We have significantly expanded the possibilities to communicate with app users over the past period. Without the need for, for instance, an email address, you can quickly and easily reach a large group of employees through customized push notifications and/or news messages. You can inform groups of employees with relevant information using filters. You can also conduct polls among different groups of employees. 

With all these possibilities, we also see that users are making more extensive use of the app; relevant information is always at their fingertips, anytime and anywhere! The usage of the app can be extensively monitored through the app dashboard provided for our clients. Poll responses are immediately visible, with extensive analysis capabilities.

We also see the high usage of the apps we’ve developed reflected in the Apple App Store’s rankings. We are proud to have several collective bargaining agreement apps and professional code apps in the top 100 of the most downloaded apps (category Reference)!