A searchable collective labour agreement is genuinely valued by individuals in the sector

The Labour Market Fund FCB has had collective agreement apps developed for childcare and social work. The apps have been available in the app stores for several years. Recently, these apps underwent a makeover. In addition to the apps being completely aligned with the corporate identity, they now also offer additional features for communicating with […]

Modern service to industry members

Image of a phone with the ANKO Ondernemers app

Yaacomm has developed a useful app for the hairdressing industry to provide information in a modern, accessible, and compact way. Katinka Boekhorst, Manager Products and Services at Koninklijke ANKO, shares how ANKO utilizes the app to support its members. “Now that nearly everyone has a mobile phone or tablet, CLA information is always available anytime, […]

The CLA app in practice

Image of a phone with the Cao LVNL app

We launched our first CLA app almost 10 years ago. Since then, tens of thousands of employees from various industries and businesses have been using the user-friendly employment conditions app. We frequently receive inquiries about how organizations are currently using the app in practice. We asked Alice Jansen, Human Resources Specialist in Labor Affairs at […]