Image of four phones with the ANKO Ondernemers app

ANKO Entrepreneurs app: a versatile communication tool.

The ANKO (the trade association for entrepreneurial hairdressers) now has a powerful communication tool at its disposal with the ANKO Entrepreneurs app (ANKO Ondernemers app).

We are proud of the new entrepreneurs’ app that we had the opportunity to develop for the hairdressing industry. In addition to general information (such as collective labor agreement texts, news updates, and safety information), specific information and tools are only available to ANKO members. After a one-time login, they can make leave calculations, access additional information, and receive targeted information based on their profile.

Entrepreneurs can thus be kept informed in a targeted manner about developments, meetings, and initiatives that are relevant to them.

Our apps come with a comprehensive app dashboard. Through this Dashboard, all parts of the app can be managed and used to, for example, prepare polls and messages, send notifications, and edit collective labor agreement texts. The Dashboard also provides comprehensive statistics to monitor how the app is used and the effects of communication efforts.

We wish ANKO much enjoyment with the new app!