Image of three phones with the Beroepsethiek BPSW app

All the essentials of professional ethics always at your fingertips

What about privacy in collaboration with your client? How do you act independently and professionally within the scope you have as a social worker? When do you do what is right? From now on, every social worker has an ethical guideline at their fingertips. The BPSW launched the professional ethics app (beroepsethiek-app) for social workers on World Social Work Day.

In the Professional Ethics app, you can find the professional code with norms and core values. Through the Values Compass, you examine the values from which you work and explore dilemmas using examples and sources of inspiration. The app also includes frequently asked questions about topics such as privacy and confidentiality, as well as useful additional information and references.

A wonderful gift for all social workers; it was incredibly enjoyable to create this app on behalf of  the Professional Association of Social Work.  

With the app, professionals in social work have a handy and useful tool at their disposal, featuring a well-searchable professional code and plenty of background information and additional tools. 

Watch a brief overview of the app here: