Image of a phone with the Cao Huisartsenzorg app

Working on sustainable employability with the CLA app

“Sustainable employability is an important topic in general practice healthcare, but it’s comprehensive and hard to grasp. The conversation cards and the self-check help make it practical for employees and supervisors on the work floor. And through the excellent CLA app, these tools are literally at your fingertips.” Speaking is  Erik Schouten, senior advisor and manager in the field of terms of employment and labor relations at Leeuwendaal.

Ensuring that you are healthy at work and remain so is rightly an important focus in many collective labor agreements, including in the healthcare sector. This is especially important now that the job market is tight, workload is high, and the demand for care is more complex. This demands great adaptability from both employers and employees. In the cao huisartsenzorg (CLA for general practitioner healthcare), this is further elaborated in the “Good for Each Other” program.

All CLA agreements and various tools to apply the CLA are easily and readily available in the Cao Huisartsenzorg app. We developed this app on behalf of  Stichting Sociaal Fonds Huisartsenzorg. To facilitate meaningful discussions on sustainable employability, conversation cards and a self-check for supervisors are available. Together with Erik Schouten, we have made these tools interactive for use in the app. These tools can help in jointly working towards more job satisfaction and vitality. Good for each other!