Use your balance budget to create more work-life balance.

Example Balance budget CLA GGZ

Undoubtedly, as a employee in the mental healthcare sector, you are experiencing more and more challenges. The demand for effort is increasing, while the workload and emotional burden continue to rise. But besides work, you also have your own life with family, friends, and yourself. Finding a good balance between work and personal life can indeed be quite a challenge. That’s why the balance budget is now included in the mental healthcare collective labor agreement (cla ggz). As an employee, you are allowed to use this budget to invest in yourself.

With the balance budget, you can take control yourself to continue working in mental healthcare healthily and with pleasure. The advantage is that you get to decide entirely for yourself how you want to spend the budget. You can choose to buy extra days off or invest in your development by taking a course or training. It is also possible to have the balance amount paid out. The great thing is that your employer contributes to this budget, allowing you to work together on your well-being and employability.