Image of four phones with the CAO Schoonmaak app

Schoonmakend Nederland

By the end of 2020, the cleaning industry had implemented its new vision for the future. As part of this, there was a new name and a new look. Of course, this also includes a new look for the app: the updated collective labor agreement cleaning app (CAO-schoonmaak-app) of Schoonmakend Nederland (formerly OSB).

The app contains the complete text of the CLA booklet. Through the CLA app, all employees and employers in the cleaning and window cleaning industry can easily access the collective labor agreement anytime and anywhere. This way, the app contributes to providing clear information about the collective labor agreement and employment conditions to 150,000 cleaning employees.

The search function in the app helps to quickly find a specific topic. Special features have been added for members of Schoonmakend Nederland, which can only be used after logging in. In the texts, there are links to more information and explanations about the application of the collective labor agreement. Additionally, members can use the chat function to communicate with the CLA helpdesk staff.