Image of two phones with the balance budget tool CAO GGZ app

New tools for sustainable employability

How can I spend my balance budget? What does the Generational Pact scheme mean for me? How many additional senior days do I accumulate?

We have recently developed a few handy tools for our clients in the field of sustainable employability.

In the calculation tools we develop for our clients, we pay a lot of attention to presenting the information in a clear and organized manner. Employees can always read information in the context of the topic and can click through for more information when needed. The button to calculate one’s own situation is always within reach.

For the Metal sector, we have created the Generational Pact and Senior Days tools. Employees can now calculate with a few clicks in the CLA app what an option in the scheme means for net income and holiday allowance. In a clear graph and with the option to email the results.

In the Mental Healthcare Collective Labor Agreement (CAO GGZ), the Balance Budget is defined, allowing employees to choose how they spend this budget (training, extra free time, or payment). This tool is now integrated into the CAO GGZ app as well. User-friendliness is a top priority here as well; information is presented in a concise and manageable way, and the calculation is immediately visible.