"We have made a tremendous efficiency improvement with the employment conditions app."

Afbeelding van een telefoon met de Cao LVNL app

Keeping track of employment conditions has become much easier

“Before we had the CLA app, we, as HR colleagues, spent a lot of time keeping our paper employment conditions bundle up to date and answering our employees’ questions.” These are the words of Alice Jansen, Labor Affairs Specialist in Human Resources at Air Traffic Control the Netherlands (LVNL), a year and a half after the launch of the LVNL CLA app.

“Keeping track of our employment conditions was quite a time-consuming task. Changes to our employment conditions had to be maintained both in the printed version and on the intranet, leading to various issues like broken links on the intranet, the need to create new prints for the printed version of our employment conditions booklet, coordinating with colleagues to insert the changes into the existing version, version confusion, and a lot of employee inquiries regarding HR and legal topics because the information on the intranet was not easily accessible. In short, maintaining our employment conditions was a huge time sink. It was also often unclear for employees where to find the information.”

The CLA app is easy for HR as well as for employees

“Through the AWVN, we got in touch with Yaacomm. They developed a CLA app for LVNL that makes our employment conditions easily and clearly accessible for our employees and user-friendly for HR and Legal. Keeping up-to-date information is now easy, and the updated information is immediately accessible to all app users. Employees can download the app from the app store and easily and quickly look up the employment conditions information they want, such as information about days off, holidays, or salary.

Practical digital solutions, FAQs, and tools

We believe the app fits well with the overall modernization and digitization of information. Now that everyone has a smartphone and/or tablet, all information is always at hand. The app also includes several tools, such as the calculation of the retirement age and a calendar with important dates and events throughout the year. In addition, the app also has links to useful websites.

Furthermore, there is a section with frequently asked questions (FAQs). As an organization, we can easily update those if we see there is a need for it. HR can see through the dashboard which topics are being searched for the most. In consultation with the HR colleagues from the front office, we can then decide to include certain questions and answers in the FAQs. For example, we noticed that employees often searched for ‘leave’. There is now a list of 14 questions and answers in the FAQ about leave. It’s also useful that employees can leave a comment on an FAQ, which can be read by HR through the dashboard. We use this input to potentially expand an FAQ or add a new one.

Managing it yourself via the dashboard

And if there is a change in the content of the employment terms? Then we can easily make those adjustments ourselves through the dashboard. We update the information, and the new version is immediately available. If necessary, you can even send a push notification to your users. While the app is available for download to everyone, certain modules are only accessible to LVNL employees. They can simply use their LVNL account login credentials for this purpose. So, no hassle with different logins and passwords, etc. Most employees like using the app to read articles. For those who still prefer a printed version of a document, we can easily print a PDF.

Also handy for applicants and good for the environment

The app is nicely designed in our corporate style. We even notice that the app helps us in recruitment processes because potential candidates can already gain insight into the employment conditions through the app. This provides a lot of clarity in advance. A nice additional benefit is that this digital availability of up-to-date information is also good for the environment. There is significantly less printing being done!

A real recommendation

We are very pleased with this app at LVNL. Did the development take a lot of time? That was quite manageable. We provided the collective labor agreement (CLA) texts to Yaacomm, and they delivered a fully filled app. Upon delivery, we had a ready-made product, and Yaacomm guided us step by step in its use and maintenance until we felt completely comfortable with it. Furthermore, Yaacomm provides excellent and fast service, completely taking care of the customer.

I can only say that Yaacomm aims for a satisfied customer, and we are very satisfied with the CLA app!”