A well-searchable CLA on your website with a web widget

An accessible CLA for your employees and employers on your website? That’s easily arranged with the CLA web widget in just a few mouse clicks. With this plug-in, you can easily place a CLA, formatted in your own house style and easily searchable, on a page within your own website.

The CLA is excellently searchable, with search terms highlighted for clarity. You can also search for synonyms (for example, wage/salary and holiday/leave). Users can bookmark articles; saved articles are neatly organized together.

The plug-in is easily maintained via the included Dashboard. If there are any changes to the CLA, the text can be adjusted within the Dashboard. Indeed, much easier!

Curious how the plug-in works in practice? On the website of Ambulancezorg Nederland, the current CLA can be viewed via a web widget.